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Wednesday, May 30, 2007



It'll stop about the time she starts walking. First of all, all those cute rolls will be gone because she will be busy walking them off. Second of all, she will be on the move so much no one will be able to catch her! For some reason, the older they get, the less cute strangers think they are. And, she will be old enough to protest when she doesn't like it. Enjoy the cuteness while it lasts!


I had that same problem with my son when he was a baby- he was SO amazingly cute...shocking blond hair that stood straight up, chubby rosy cheeks and huge blue eyes. Women would swoop down on him like drove me nuts, but it did stop one he was mobile. I came to the realization that the women who did this are ones who don't have a baby and would like one, as it never happened to be women with children of their own. I tried to be patient but would always speak up if they tried to touch his face. That I would not allow. Chubby legs and arms are OK- cheeks are off limits.


How sweet is that??? I love it!!

We get the same thing with our little Boo, too. And sometimes when we're out somewhere, I'll notice her attention is riveted off somewhere over my shoulder, and I'll look around and someone is making funny faces at her or waving to her trying to get her to smile.

Guinevere Meadow

I find that most of the time if I have my baby boy in the sling, he's less likely to be squeezed, although one time the lady at the grocery store giving away free samples came from behind her table and grabbed...his bottom!! I was totally shocked. People just have no sense of decorum!


Grabbed his bottom?! Oh, just stop it, people!

I have two slings and just cannot seem to master them - the Baby Bjorn is just my level of comprehension right now...

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