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Wednesday, May 30, 2007



You look great! Thanks for the tip. I usually skip the eyebrow pencil and use eyeliner, but that is just because my eyes disappear when I have foundation and no eyeliner :)


Lucky girl! You look great even without make-up! Thanks for the tips.


Aw, shucks. Thanks, ladies.

I have trouble with eyeliner - I haven't found one yet, water proof or not, that doesn't smudge underneath my eyes. The liquid stuff is fine but it's not soft looking enough to wear underneath...


You are a brave woman! How blessed you are to have such a lovely "peaces 'n cream" compleXion, even without cosmetics. ThanX for the fun tutorial.


Seriously? Misting with water or this algae stuff sets your makeup? How did I make it this long and not know this? I'm checking it out.


I learned this trick in the theatre. It really works! You can cry. You can perspire. It can rain. As long as you don't wipe your face while it is wet, the makeup stays put. If you use a spray bottle of water, be sure it is set to a fine mist.

Another thing that is nice in the summer is to put that spray bottle in the refrigerator for a cool pick-me-up. I do highly reccommend the "Focus 21 Sea Plasma All Purpose Skin and Hair Moisturizer Re-hydratant". I think I've purchased it at Longs drugstore for around six dollars. It smells very pleasant and as the name implies, is great for skin AND hair.


My hair used to be long and thick like yours and then my stylist started cutting out the weight and heft in it and suddenly all these curls sprang to life. It's wonderful. I put some curl enhancers in it, run a blow dryer with diffuser on it for about 5 minutes and then let the rest air dry. Curly mass!

You honestly don't need any makeup....a blessing that lots of women don't have. Be sure to let your skin breathe regularly so you can keep that lovely complexion.

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