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Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Overwhelmed With Joy!

Oh, how beautiful! I think I could do something like this. Thanks for sharing!

Mrs. U

This looks SO pretty!! Goodness, it must've taken you a while to do it but it's very worth it!!! Thank you for sharing this!!

Mrs. U (who is NOT craft either- I mean, at all!! LOL!!!)


Well, yes, it took days...

But I watched several movies as I made them and I had my wedding to look forward to. Hanging them in the window made rainbows all over the room to inspire me...

daring one

Those are gorgeous and the whole room looks awesome. I enjoy making any craft that requires me to eat chocolate as part of the process.


Yes, chocolate is always an incentive for me to do even the most tedious of projects. Except maybe...yardwork. Dirt under the fingernails would require chocolate ice cream or chocolate liqueor. Theoretically, of course...because I don't actually DO yardwork.

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