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Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Pastormac's Ann

Yum! Think I'll mix up a batch. I love WFMW recipes.


I used a similar recipe just last week! I left out the cornstarch, though. I think I'm going to make little packets of it to store and use. I love your idea to throw some chicken and seasoning in a crockpot--wow, that must taste amazing after 8 hours!


I used to use the little packets too, and then I realized how much cheaper it would be to make my own. Your recipe looks very similar to the one I've been using and it's delicious!


I should do this too. We get the packets and I am always cautious about MSG and all those other 'weird' things, so finding one that is good without that is tough.

Thanks for the recipe and endorsement. I will try this one.

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