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Wednesday, June 13, 2007



OK, Then what do ya do when she starts crawling? I spend many hours pulling stuff out of mouth....even whith sweeping 3+ times a day....any ideas?


Ahhh...babyhood and still immobile. Life is good.

Griffin loved stacking things at that age, and played endlessly with tupperware. Way too fun.

Do you have an Exersaucer? Pumpkin might not be big enough for one yet, but they are fantastic. They roll, the chair turns and the tray is covered with toys galore that entertain them forever. No wheels, but it does have legs that snap down to hold it stable. They are close by, confined while you are busy and generally content. Griffin loved his.


What a great idea!!!


Cammie, I knew as soon as I posted that I would get in trouble for my naivete! As Pumpkin Girl is not really crawling yet, I haven't any advice. I do have three yoga mats so I suppose I could do wall to wall!

I may have to resort to babygates again to keep the dog hair out of the kitchen...that's what I have the most trouble with. Good luck with yours!

Kate, no exersaucer yet. She loves the one in the church nursery. Here at home, she has a swing and a bouncer that she is starting to show less interest in. Perhaps it's time for a trade in at the consignment shop. Thanks!


I love this idea. My little man just started to crawl though and I really would have to do wall to wall mats just like you said. He is so not interested in being in one spot for more than 45 seconds. Your little one is adorable!


Guinevere Meadow

That's a great idea! I've been afraid of putting Lancelot on the kitchen floor for similar reasons, also because he's not yet completely steady at sitting up and I don't want him to tip over and hit his head on the hard floor! Fabulous idea!



Your kitchen floor sounds exactly like mine. No matter how hard I try. :)

Great idea. I don't have any more little ones, but I have plenty of nieces and nephews. I'll keep this in mind.

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