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Tuesday, June 12, 2007



I think making healthy choices is even more important when pregnant! So while you wouldn't be trying to lose weight, you'd still be challenged to make healthy choices!

Nothing could induce me to completely give up chocolate! ;-) All things in moderation. LOL I do eat lots of fresh fruit, though and it is best when you get it at the Farmer's Market! Yum!


Congrats on maintaining, great job.


Great job on maintaining, and you are a braver woman than I to give up chocolate. Good for you!


Hi there. I too had no change this week - it's better than a gain, right? Hang in there and hope that you have great news soon...
Blessings and Cheers!


I do hope you are eating for two!!! Keep us posted. ((Hugs))

Guinevere Meadow

Those plums look yummy!

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