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Monday, July 30, 2007



That is amazing. How beautiful to want to open your hearts and your home to this child. I will send positive thoughts up that way.


I have done that exact same thing, and I know the intense guilt that you feel in your heart after it happens. My son was very young (maybe about 3 months or less), when I was cradling him in my arm, using my other arm to grab the phonebook out of the drawer, and then closed the drawer with my hip, catching his dangling foot. He shrieked. I bawled and felt like a terrible mother. We were both okay once I nursed him for a bit and loved on him a whole lot, telling him over and over again how terribly sorry I was.

I also remember that after I had my daughter, I kept wondering what inadvertent thing I was going to do that would hurt her accidentally, and the relief I felt when our first "encounter" proved to be nothing much more than me bumping into her when she was learning to walk, causing her to drop down on her diaper-padded bottom.

I guess you could use this as one of the examples of "things that surprised me as a parent" that you asked me about earlier. Yep, you found that one all on your own! I'm so sorry because I know how hard it is when it happens.

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