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Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Heather J

Thank you! I had no idea I could reuse those.


We have the Clorox Redimop, and I'm not sure if it's quite the same... Do the Swiffer ones have kind of a plasticy backing on them? If they are the same, I'd LOVE to be able to reuse them!!


Sorry, Grace - I'm not familiar with the Redimop. The bottom of the Swiffer is plastic with velcro.

I have also just used regular rags and cloth diapers underneath the Swiffer and they stay on fairly well.


I enjoyed reading these tips. I have never heard of clove oil before. Where can I find it?


Thanks, Jessie!

You should be able to find it anywhere that carries essential oils..Whole Foods Market, natural foods can also go to and shop online.

Guinevere Meadow

Wow, how many times can you wash a swiffer pad? That's a GREAT way to save money!!

Farica Lancher

Well, in terms of cleaning, I don't experiment with cleaning products. I only use the products that I trust. Before trying a cleaning product, I let my friend try it first. If I get a positive feedback I'll try it, too. It works so far.

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